Thinkshifts' Futures

Looking ahead and inspiring curiosity through R&D

Over the past 2 years, our R&D initiative has created the space for us to explore emerging technologies and experiential trends so that we develop capability before our clients and future clients need it.

Our ambition is to launch products and provocations into the world that change things for the better and solve a problem we’ve observed.

Our R&D programme focusses on three main areas — a product idea, a challenge of our time and speculative design.

We discovering the future through design and engineering for human and organizations.

Solving for now

A Product

Exploring product ideas around a given theme, ranging from blended learning to digital legacy to developing online learning better experience. Investigation of student perception about course excellence revealed the existence of robust if-then decision rules for determining how students evaluate their educational experiences. These product ideas are often things we’ve observed over the years, we’ll work on them over a 6 month period in order to launch something into the world.


Solving for Soon

A Challenge

Responding to a challenge of our time and applying the theories of sociotechnical design to help transform the interaction between people and technology in workplaces. These projects run as missions with our team up to 2021 and can develop a product as a result. Currently, we are exploring how we can make the theme of human computer interaction HCI.


Exploring The Future

Speculative Design

Speculative design looks at the future impact of technology and questions the ethics of the design decisions we are making today. Our first project looks at AI’s impact on education. Through this speculative design project, we take a look at how A.I. has the potential to transform the future landscape of education. From drivers and catalysts of change, to hyper-personalised curriculums and A.I teaching assistants – let’s step into the classroom of 2049.


Creating the culture of R&D

The Story So Far

Over the last year at Thinkshifts, we’ve been cultivating our own R&D projects by setting aside time to allow everyone at Thinkshifts to experiment, outside of their client work. There’s something really special about creating the time for this kind of activity. Being given time to explore, to learn, to expand our understanding of new areas, is a luxury. It’s a rather fragile cultural space that needs continual protection and cultivation.